Friday, October 3, 2008

Continuation of 36.2

Some Basic Principles
1. Water always moves from high water potential to low water potential
2. Water potential is the measure of the tendency of water to move from high free energy to low free energy
3. Distilled water in a open beaker has a water potential of 0 (zero)
4. The addition of solute decreases water potential
5. The addition of pressure increases/decreases water potential
6. In cells, water moves by osmosis to areas where water potential is lower
7. A hypertonic solution has lower water potential and a hypotonic solution has higher water potential

To Know...
1. Water potential of air is more negative than the xylem
2. in the cohesion-adhesion model the xylem cell's shape allows them to overcome gravity

The change in turgor pressure that regulates stomatal opening results from reversible uptake and loss of potassium by guard cells

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