Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Ran GELS Today... :)

Ello ladies. Today was actually a really fun day... we started the gel electrophoresis lab and basically just hung out.

According to the very nifty iGoogle web definition, gel electrophoresis is a technique used to separate molecules based on size and/or charge. To separate molecules of DNA, we rely on the negative charge of DNA to pull it toward the positive electrode. The agarose gel allows smaller (shorter) lengths of DNA to travel more quickly than longer pieces of DNA.

In case memorizing that definition isn't  looking to appealing, you could try either of these two sites for more help understand gel electrophoresis:

This site basically walks you through the history of it (who founded this technique, why, etc.). You can play a series of short animations as you read. Click on the link below.

This is just a little helpful video I found via my video god aka youtube:

Alrighty kids, remember we have a vocab quiz tomorrow over chapter 22.

In the interest of keeping things exciting, I've decided to create a new sort of matching thing... Match the word with its interesting fact (no these aren't the definitions but just interesting things I've found; hopefully you can apply your knowledge of the definition in assessing these facts).

1. Homology
2. Endemic Species
3. Evolution
4. Gradualism
5. Vestigial Organs
6. Taxonomy
7. Natural Selection
8. Homologous Structures

a] Most humans are born with two eyes. Lindsey is born with one eye. This mutation hinders her ability to see a predator approaching, and she, therefore, is less likely to survive and reproduce. This scenario is an example of ______________.

b] This type of species is more prone to extinction.

c] A bat wing, cat paw/arm, and human arm/hand when compared to one another are examples of ______________.

d] The "__________ of dance" is a funny video on youtube showing how style of dancing has changed over the years.

e] This word is derived from ancient Greek meaning 'to agree.'

f] If you have no idea what you want to do when you get older, but you really like to name things, enter the field of _____________.

g] The top ten useless limbs are: 10) wings on flightless birds 9) hind leg bones in whales 8) erector pili and body hair 7) the human tailbone 6) the "blind fish," astyanax mexicanus', eyes 5) wisdom teeth in humans 4) the sexual organs of dandelions 3) fake sex in virgin whiptail lizards 2) male breast tissue and nipples AND 1) the human appendix. All of these are prime examples of ______________.

h] Lindsey had a child with seven eyes. There was no steady evolution leading to this sudden change in biological features. This mysterious case goes against the idea of _______________.

8)C 7)A 6)F 5)G 4)H 3)D 2)B 1)E 

Good luck on the rest of the lab/the quiz. Tomorrow is the last day of the week and then FIVE DAY WEEKEND, so let's all get 100% on the quiz and relax for a few days, eh?

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